Complete Customer Lifecycle Management

Ticket Management

Next Gen CLM software

Previous Customer service has now become customer experience (CX). An earlier simple customer has now evolved and demands more value for money both from the product as well as service. Growth of business now not only depends on the product quality but also on the service quality.

Service is not any longer limited to post sale but begins right from the first interaction pre-sales and lasts till the last interaction. Now that is complex and there is a need for simplifying things. Enhancier Cx simplifies complex business process by automating your customer life cycle management process using innovation, technology and a host of unified communication platforms.

Customer Life Cycle Management
CLM Awareness
Lead Generation
Lead Generation & Qualification
Bidding and proposal
Bidding and Proposal
Negotiation and close
Negotiation and Close
Customer Service
Customer Service
Retention and up/cross sale
Retention & Up/Cross Sale
WOM / Referral

Introducing Adura CRM

Omni Channel

Omni Channel

Single license that enables you to interact over chat, email, voice & social.

Unified History

Unified History

View all interactions with your customer at one single location

Modular Product

Modular Product

Acquire the entire suit or just modules that are required at each stage of your business

Single Solution

Single solution partner

From managing multiple vendors move to engaging with a single solutions partner


Light on Pocket

The subscription based licenses concept lets you have the flexibility of paying just what you can afford

Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations

Use Adura for your customer life cycle management and at the same time integrate this with your core applications

Tailored to fit

Tailored to fit

Don’t design your process to fit the product rather design your product to fit the business process with our dynamic CRM

Transactions per Day

Why Adura?

  • Deployment advantages through choice of on premise, on public or private cloud

  • Multi-tenant architecture enabling onboarding of multiple businesses on a single instance

  • Optional third party application integration, including SAP

  • Single application for complete customer life cycle management

  • Optional SQL & MySQL database integration

  • Allow module based deployment for various business processes like sales, service, retention etc.

  • 360 degree view of each customer integrated case ticket management with escalation matrix

  • Integrated communication channels including voice email, web & social

  • Customized reporting and dashboards for all profiles

  • Simple steps to quick business mapping

Trusting us today, trusting us tomorrow

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